10 Years After Acquisition, Sherrill Manufacturing is Still Going Strong in Former Oneida Limited Factory

Since the late 1800s the smallest city in the state of New York, Sherrill, was home to the biggest name in American silverware. But, when Oneida Limited® decided to move their manufacturing overseas in 2005, the very existence of U.S. flatware manufacturing was in peril.

It was at this crossroads that Greg Owens and Matt Roberts, former Oneida Limited executives, stepped in and bought the plant, creating Sherrill Manufacturing. Owens and Roberts were determined to make flatware that met or exceeded the quality of their competitors, while employing American craftspeople and using safe, American raw materials. In doing so, they created the only company currently manufacturing Made-in-the-USA flatware, Sherrill Manufacturing, and the new brand “Liberty Tabletop.” Sherrill Manufacturing now operates as a totally separate entity with no ties to or affiliations with Oneida Ltd. or their parent Everyware Global.

But, Sherrill Manufacturing/Liberty Tabletop wasn’t interested in just going with the status quo in the flatware industry. A new generation has embraced online shopping. Liberty Tabletop has largely foregone the route of selling their products in large retail stores, choosing instead to sell directly to the consumer. Selling directly to the consumer has allowed the company to price their stellar products competitively, while delivering the quality expected of a product made in the USA. Sherrill Manufacturing has complete confidence in their Liberty Tabletop flatware, and offers it online with a full money-back satisfaction-guarantee at LibertyTabletop.com.

In a marketplace rife with consolidation and financial difficulties, Sherrill Manufacturing continues to introduce new flatware patterns, as well as other Made-in-the-USA tabletop items, to their product lineup. And, the company continues to make flatware at the same historic Oneida Limited plant that used to make silverware for families across the nation. Sherrill Manufacturing employs their neighbors, some of which have been making flatware for both companies for generations.

“I am pleased to report”, says Greg Owens, “that each and every one of our employees is steadfast in their belief that anything that can be made overseas can be made here in the USA - and can be sold to consumers at competitive price.”